Can’t download the track after purchase or link is invalid/missing?

Please contact us on email and/or please re-login after some time and check once more, because We may be uploading new updates and there might be short downtime periods.

How do You receive updates to tracks?

At the moment You can login to Your SIM TRAXX account and see all the tracks You purchased in the DOWNLOADS section. Links for new updates are auto-updated on the account so when we upload any new update then the link for each track will change and You can download the new update, so when last time You checked for e.g. PROVENCE ALPS and it was 1.1, now You will see 1.21 and You can click to download. We will also soon add notifications via email sent directly from the store.

Your track has dissapeared from Your SIM TRAXX account?

Please contact us on email and we will add the track back to Your account. Apologies for system problems.

Bought some tracks separately and now want to upgrade to SIM TRAXX Membership or Grand Multipack?

Please email to and tell us the amount of Your purchases. We will then send You a discount code for purchasing Memberships or Grand Multipack.

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Gunnar Lippitz · 20 October 2019 at 14:33

Great Job you are doing here with amazing tracks.
Just one little problem here: i’ve downloaded the Brasov Track for AC and tried to install it. WinRAR tells me, that the File is damaged. I’ve downloaded the Track three times and the same Problem ouccured! Can you help me? And i purchased the Panzerplatte Track for AC as well. There is no download link. Is it because it is in early access mode?
Thank you!

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