SIM TRAXX is a small multinational independent company  dedicated to building laserscanned race tracks, kart tracks, rally stages and the most known scenic routes and locations in the world, for use with computer driving simulations in virtual reality (VR) or on regular 2D / 3D monitors.

We make custom tracks for companies from around the world, as well as sell tracks to a growing number of public customers.

Our main goal is creation of the most beautiful, the most interesting and the most realistically rendered (laserscanned) scenic routes, race tracks, kart tracks and rally stages in the world for computer VR driving simulations.

For the construction of virtual roads, we use laserscanning and modeling methods using photogrammetry, which give excellent results in the mapping of the road and the environment, as well as almost perfect accuracy in mapping the road surface and altitude above sea level.

In practice, we get photorealistic landscapes and surface for driving on which you can sense even the smallest irregularities and holes. Using our routes, in combination with mobile simulators (6 DOF) and thanks to the support of virtual reality technology, gives the most realistic feeling of driving a car in the history of computer driving simulations.

Our tracks and roads are used by companies all over the world.

Many professional and semi-professional racing drivers train in simulators before competing on the same tracks or roads in the real world.

Attention to details is one of our natural priorities.