How to install tracks for Assetto Corsa and setup for best use?

Download SIM_TRAXX_AC_CM_SOL_quick_guide_release1.pdf
We will be updating the PDF soon with more information

Why do we need personal information when buying even for the 0 EUR tracks?

0 EUR tracks are on promotion and they are a part of SIM TRAXX Store system. Its an international online store and we are obliged by laws and tax offices to get this information, at least Your country location for the VAT tax purposes. We don’t really care about Your personal information and we don’t sell them. We don’t know though what the governments and world elites will do with them. Nevertheless informations are stored on our secure servers, we also have the https protocol in place so they are as safe as possible from unauthorised people and companies. In case You really don’t want to give Your real name etc. You can always create Your alter-ego 😀 Just make sure that You register an email that You have access to so You can later re-login to SIM TRAXX account to download any new updates and tracks.

PS. Soon we will also have material products like t-shirts, racing gloves, hoodies, sim gear etc. and Your address will be needed for the delivery of these.

You don’t know how to login to SIM TRAXX account to download tracks or updates?

You can login to Your SIM TRAXX account here: (https://www.simtraxx.net/my-account/) and then navigate to DOWNLOADS section.
You should have received Your password directly to Your email after first purchase.
You can also reset Your password if You don’t remember it here: (https://www.simtraxx.net/my-account/lost-password/)

You didn’t receive a password or purchase confirmation to Your email?

You probably mispelled an email address while registering or registered non-existing email address or in rare cases email landed in Your spam/junk folder or was blocked by Internet Service Provider (ISP).
In these cases please contact us on email info@simtraxx.com or best on our Discord info/support/news Forum by clicking the link: (https://discord.com/invite/SndE9nU) and send direct message to SIM TRAXX KonRad and we will sort this out.

You sent us an email or contacted through Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter but didn’t get response?

We are very busy creating tracks and we receive alot of messages daily.
As we are a small company, sometimes You need to wait for answers abit longer.
However You can still try to resend the message asking for priority response or text or call us on our mobile phone in Poland (0048 506 298 922) if its very important and You can’t wait, especially if You have an upcoming racing or simracing event and need a track done fast or have technical problems.
We are not like many other big tech or social media companies where You can’t even contact or call or ask questions and get answers in anyway (You all probably know who we are speaking about 😀 )
We have a real CUSTOMER SERVICE even though we are a very small company and sometimes You need to wait longer.

You don’t know which new tracks or updates have been released?

You can always check the info on our website or Discord info/support/news Forum or follow our social media. We are also working on new scratch made tracks distribution system that will support various notifications soon.

1. CHECK WEBSITE: (https://www.simtraxx.net/track-updates-log/)
2. CHECK DISCORD: (https://discord.com/invite/SndE9nU) after joining Discord navigate to track_updates_log channel

You know that new update or new track have been released but You can’t see them in DOWNLOADS section of Your SIM TRAXX account?

Please contact us on email info@simtraxx.com or on our Discord info/support/news Forum by clicking the link: (https://discord.com/invite/SndE9nU) and send direct message to SIM TRAXX KonRad. We will quickly refresh Your account and You will be able to re-login to SIM TRAXX account and You will see all new tracks and updates in DOWNLOADS section.

You can login to Your SIM TRAXX account here: (https://www.simtraxx.net/my-account/)

Can’t download the track after purchase or link is invalid/missing?

Please contact us on email info@simtraxx.com and/or please re-login after some time and check once more, because We may be uploading new updates and there might be short downtime periods.

How do You receive updates to tracks?

At the moment You can login to Your SIM TRAXX account and see all the tracks You purchased in the DOWNLOADS section. Links for new updates are auto-updated on the account so when we upload any new update then the link for each track will change and You can download the new update, so when last time You checked for e.g. PROVENCE ALPS and it was 1.1, now You will see 1.21 and You can click to download. We will also soon add notifications via email sent directly from the store.

Your track has dissapeared from Your SIM TRAXX account?

Please contact us on email info@simtraxx.com and we will add the track back to Your account. Apologies for system problems, we are working on a new much better track distribution system which will be available soon.

Bought some tracks separately and now want to upgrade to SIM TRAXX Membership or Multipacks?

Please email to info@simtraxx.com and tell us the amount You have spent on Your purchases. We will then send You a discount code for purchasing Memberships or Multipacks. This way You get a better deal for many tracks.

Can’t unpack track files or track doesn’t work after unpacking?

Please try to unpack the files with other unpacker. We recommend using 7-Zip. Remember to unpack tracks to assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.
We are also working on new solutions and soon You will be able to install tracks also directly from AC Content Manager.

Track downloaded is different than You bought?

You bought a track which is in Pre-Order and therefore real download link is not available yet and has been replaced by a free “dummy” track.
The link will be updated soon after Early Access or v1.0 is released.

You bought a track, multipack or membership and You don’t know if You have to pay more for updates?

No, all future updates are included in the price for tracks, multipacks and SIM TRAXX FOREVER membership. The only exceptions are AC TRAXX Membership 1 year and SIM TRAXX Ultimate Membership 1 year – You are getting updates for 1 year and after that You should consider supporting us more by buying more years.

Your track doesn’t look like on our screens or videos? You are missing 3d grass? Can’t setup tracks to drive at night? Can’t change seasons of the year? Can’t setup FX RAIN?

Our screens and videos are done with 4K resolution and ULTRA settings.
Setup everything on ULTRA on Your PC.

Also most of our tracks now are using FX GRASS and other nice features like night lighting, seasons of the year, FX RAIN and more.

To use these features You need to install:
1. AC Content Manager (https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html)
2. Sol Weather System (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sol.24914/)

Download also SIM_TRAXX_AC_CM_SOL_quick_guide_release1.pdf
that should help You to setup Assetto Corsa for best visuals and all the new features.

Your track looks white/gray winterish or instead of green summer it looks like autumn etc. ?

Alot of our tracks now have SEASONS of the year working. Change the date in Assetto Corsa calendar options and the track will look different.

Have more questions?

Please email us on info@simtraxx.com or best join our Discord info/support/news Forum by clicking the link: (https://discord.com/invite/SndE9nU)
and find st_support channel there.


nastaseraul0 · 25 August 2019 at 23:32

I purchased a track (AC / BRASOV / ULTIMATE) and i can’t download it anymore.
Email: nastaseraul0@gmail.com
[Order #2561] (18 January 2019)

[Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file Go to shop]
Please help.

Gunnar Lippitz · 20 October 2019 at 14:33

Great Job you are doing here with amazing tracks.
Just one little problem here: i’ve downloaded the Brasov Track for AC and tried to install it. WinRAR tells me, that the File is damaged. I’ve downloaded the Track three times and the same Problem ouccured! Can you help me? And i purchased the Panzerplatte Track for AC as well. There is no download link. Is it because it is in early access mode?
Thank you!

Adam Martinec · 22 February 2020 at 17:52

I have purchased Semetín map, but I can not download it, because of a missing file. I tried to re-login 3 times, but it did not help. Please help.
Adam Martinec

    stgoadmin · 10 May 2020 at 17:17

    Please contact our support forum on Discord. The link is on top of our website. We will definitely fix the issue.

Henry Landgraf · 22 July 2020 at 15:35

(1) Buttonwillow AI either don’t leave pitlane or crash into the pitwall. (2) AC crashes when trying to use AI with Pacific Raceways and Shelton Ridge. There is no pit_lane.ai file. Also there is no track outline file for these two tracks. Please address these issues. Thank You.

    stgoadmin · 31 October 2020 at 18:21

    Hi, apologies for long delayed reply. We are working on new updates for these tracks. CORONOMANIA isnt helping but soon we should release improved versions.
    First we focus on PRACTICE mode or MULTIPLAYER. AI is always second priority for people who use this track for real training.

Jean Marie Donnet · 4 August 2020 at 22:56

I m trying to download Autobahn and Concourse but its always download Brasov.
Thank you very much,I m looking forward for your answer.

    stgoadmin · 31 October 2020 at 17:53

    They are still in Pre-Order phase. We will be releasing the tracks in November 2020. After premiere You will be able to relogin to Your SIM TRAXX account and the links will be updated in DOWNLOADS section.

Anton Voesenek · 21 August 2020 at 18:01

i have buyed the portland track. Not what i had in mind. Cant load it with ilja latest update. So for me no more tracks from simtrax

    stgoadmin · 31 October 2020 at 17:52

    Our tracks work with newest CSP updates without problems. Please contact our Discord Support Forum or send us an email and we will investigate the issues.

Simion Iorgulescu · 14 September 2020 at 15:38

I purchased Transfagarasan for Beamng a while ago and it just doesn’t work.

    stgoadmin · 31 October 2020 at 17:49

    We know the issue. We are working to bring new tracks to beamng with full functionality as soon as possible. We apologise for the big delays. We are still a small company.
    We can issue refund if needed. Otherwise thank You for patience.

Deleted User · 21 January 2022 at 12:38

Hi, of course these mods only works on PC, right? No way to mod the PlayStation version?

    stgoadmin · 13 March 2022 at 15:30

    Not yet 🙁

Deleted User · 25 April 2022 at 05:23

Perfect as usual

Deleted User · 2 June 2022 at 12:24

Hello friends, I have made the payment for the new Bucharest circuit and it is already June 1 and I still don’t know anything about the circuit, do you know anything?

    stgoadmin · 3 June 2023 at 21:11

    Eventually we can’t release it due to legal reasons. You may ask for a refund on our email or Discord.

komboj458 · 15 April 2023 at 20:37

I’ve bought semetin for beamng, but it doesn’t work. Cars fall throgh the map. I request a refund.

    stgoadmin · 3 June 2023 at 21:10

    Will work on it asap, newest BeamNG updates broke it.

ttf2viper · 7 May 2023 at 14:52

hello, i have bought the ac brasov ultimate edition but i cant find the download link anywhere

    stgoadmin · 3 June 2023 at 21:09

    Hi, You should login to Your SIM TRAXX account – My Account on top left side of the website. Otherwise please email us or ask on Support channel on our Discord forum.

sowmanfilms · 20 May 2023 at 01:13

Semetin for Beamng doesn’t work anymore, your car just falls straight through the map

    stgoadmin · 3 June 2023 at 21:08

    Will work on it asap.

Deleted User · 14 June 2023 at 20:38


Can I use the tracks in Unity for my upcoming indie free-to-play video game?


    stgoadmin · 20 June 2023 at 12:07

    Please ask SIM TRAXX Konrad on our Discord forum or send and email to our email address that is in the contact section

COSMIX · 24 February 2024 at 06:35

the quick guide download link of the file “SIM_TRAXX_AC_CM_SOL_quick_guide_release1.pdf” is currently not working –> “This content is no longer available.”

    stgoadmin · 7 March 2024 at 18:41

    Hi, yes, apologies. You can also get it on our Discord.
    Currently we are changing website server and all the links are not working.
    We will also soon update the guide.

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