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3 reviews for AC / TURNBULL / ULTIMATE

  1. Deleted User

    It’s a good start. background and general colors are great. The road feels smooth and it captures many of the small details that make turnbull. My biggest issue is that you cannot run too many cars. The pits drop you off into and endless fall. I can’t wait until its done!

  2. Deleted User

    I was President of Turnbull Canyon Road Racing Society and named all of the turns of the 2.1 mile raceway. This is a venue where we did basically individual timed runs, as to tight a course to race. Just adjacent to the day is a speed limit sign 40mph, and for the start of a run, it was a rolling start at the speed limit. The end was just before the top and the intersection ahead sign ended the run. We had the road racing Corvettes and Porsches. My fathers blue 1968 side piped header Corvette was the hot car back when we were inspired by the Mulholland Drive Cafe (IMSA styled road racers) racer articles of the 1970s. My course map I show on the internet, on an old t-shirt back from my club. I hoped someone would do Turnbull. We used to get speed shop stickers from a Whittier shop called the raceway, and cut these stickers to put on our club cars. We used walkie talkies and posted lookouts on Beverly Blvd. And over on the Hacienda Heights side to watch for the Sheriffs and Police. I hope they do the proper rolling start line, and finish. It has challenging spots, where a perfect run in real life is near impossible. The place is actually haunted, and the heavy tree lines blend to the sheer turn faces of the hills. Guard rails are always bent up there, and many people who like to the side think they see bodies hanging from the trees. We would tech check the cars, and had tight rules for getting timed. We would have to run often from Law Enforcement. If you guys need any local knowledge, hit me up for free advice. Thank you for doing this, as every year the road is under attack to get developed, or the cemetery tries to acquire all of that land. Derek E.

  3. Deleted User

    Oops loaded that reply, and the auto correct got me. The start line is adjacent to the flood control “Dam”, and if some people look to the “side”, they think they see bodies hanging in the trees. It is not unusual to have a rattlesnake crossing the road also. Great work, I really enjoyed this. I like the work on the road, little course nuisances, jogs that are important on lining up an apex. We used to cross the center line, as we used to actually close the whole road. Later. Derek E.

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