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This real track based in Romania was originally made by:

CLASSIC eNhanced AC edition by SIM TRAXX
and thanks to
SIM TRAXX Supporters

Pre-Order TRANSFAGARASAN Laserscanned

9 reviews for AC / TRANSFAGARASAN / ULTIMATE Classic

  1. stgoadmin

    Please try again, after login You should be able to download it now.
    The link should be updated

  2. Florea Calin (verified owner)

    Not much to say really, it’s the one and only transfagarasan. It’s very well done as usual and of course fantastic road.

  3. robert hannemann (verified owner)

    bought it during sale for zero money. super track. would even pay money for it (if I say that it means something) thanks a lot for your effort, bringing to life this awsome pass and in what a fucking length 😀

  4. ionut.gradisteanu (verified owner)

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and for recreating THE road to drive. I’ve just preordered the laserscanned version and can’t wait to try it. Take all the time you need. All the best to the whole team!

  5. Teodor Nae (verified owner)

    Very nice
    Love it!

  6. Pedro Sisniega (verified owner)

    Hi, When I try start the practice in the circuit, I obtain this error message:

    Error might have something to do with:

    AC\racemanager.cpp (351): RaceManager::initOffline
    AC\racemanager.cpp (174): RaceManager::loadSessions
    AC\sim.cpp (320): Sim::Sim
    AC\splashscreen.cpp (319): SplashScreen::postRender
    AC\game.cpp (181): Game::onIdle
    AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run
    AC\acs.cpp (477): wWinMain
    f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c (618): __tmainCRTStartup

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, please go to our Discord Info and Support forum. The link is on top of our website.
      There is a support channel and we will investigate the issue.

  7. stgoadmin

    Hi, it is known issue that some unpacking software have problems. Usually using newest WINRAR or 7ZIP work without problems.

  8. Mark Gooderson (verified owner)

    Fantastic track! Very enjoyable to drive and looks beautiful. Thanks!!

  9. Francisco Javier González Prieto

    I have a question. I dont know if this product have real traffic. I´m interested in this version of Transfagarasan bot only in the case that contains real traffic. Thank you!

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, v1.2 has working AI traffic to be used with Content Manager (TRACK DAY mode)

  10. stgoadmin

    Please check first in PRACTICE mode. Otherwise please contact our SUPPORT forum on Discord or by email.

  11. Jeffrey Scharpf (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful! I drove this road for real in 2015, and driving it now in AC… I remember it all.. I want to go back.. Thanks!

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, we are currently working on totally new scratch made Transfagarasan laserscanned 35km including the tunnel to south side and part of south side 😉 Pre-order/early access is already available in the store 😉 Thanks for supporting!

  12. Jeffrey Scharpf (verified owner)

    Love this track but I have a question more about Assetto Corsa related to this track. If I go back to a fresh re-install of AC and play just the vanilla game, (no CM, no CSP, no Sol), will these tracks work just fine or will I miss something due to not having all of those shader patches?

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, it depends from track to track.
      But surely You will not have fxGrass, 4 seasons, animated water etc related with CSP.
      But most of things should work with vanilla version to be able to drive it.

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