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TARGA FLORIO 72km (Sicily, Italy)






TARGA FLORIO 72km (Sicily, Italy)





1. FULL LOOP 72km

2. FULL LOOP 2 72km

3. Rally 1

4. Rally 2

5. Rally 3

6. Rally 4

21 reviews for AC / TARGA FLORIO 72km / ULTIMATE / Classic

  1. stgoadmin

    Please try again, after login You should be able to download it now.
    The link should be updated

  2. stgoadmin

    Please try again, after login You should be able to download it now.
    The link should be updated

  3. stgoadmin

    Hi, please login to your SIM TRAXX account and check DOWNLOADS section. It should be there now. Please check often for new udpates.

  4. Deleted User (verified owner)

    Great track, though I don’t see any people and animals even though there is a “texture” folder containing them.

  5. Deleted User (verified owner)

    Amazing! One of the best tracks in AC. 45 miles!

  6. Deleted User

    great track,, cant get around the whole thing its huge lol,, not much detail but assuming thats because of the size of track…. either way worth trying out

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, thanks! This track is a very old build, SIM TRAXX only converted the track to Assetto Corsa and enhanced it.

  7. haywoo baker

    if you can get around this track you are the man,, i cant, lots of fun

  8. 闫 雨澍

    csp grass,please!

    • stgoadmin

      Working on v1.1 currently. It will brind alot of improvements.

  9. 闫 雨澍

    I downloaded “2-way layout for targa-florio”on racedepartment but this “2-way layout for targa-florio” is can’t use on this track.I fell straight into the ground.and this track is not support csp grass,but from the track picture, it seems to be supportive.

    • stgoadmin

      Hi, This track is a very old build, SIM TRAXX only converted the track to Assetto Corsa and enhanced it.
      We are working on new v1.1 that will soon bring alot of improvements including CSP grass and traffic AI.
      Once released You will be able to relogin to Your account and download newest update in DOWNLOADS section

  10. stgoadmin

  11. Andre Warringa (verified owner)

    Just finished my first lap, obviously in a Mercedes 300 SLR. What a track.. Nonstop drifting, heel/toeing and mostly crashing all over the place 😀
    When I finally reached the finishline it felt like homecoming. Happy to read that a 1.1 update is coming. With todays hardware the track could use some more graphic updates to make some parts look less empty.

    • stgoadmin

      Will be soon improving some more things to make it less empty but as this is a conversion of a very old classic track we will not update it too much over v1.1
      We are thinking at some point at laserscanning it and making a scratch made new one. Depends on how many people support us though 😉

  12. Berke Azab (verified owner)


  13. William Raymond (verified owner)

    Excellent track for driving classic cars around, but a lack of AI lines for either of the full-course layouts is a bit disappointing, especially for offline-only players like myself.

  14. patriik (verified owner)

    Ooh this one is fun, like really fun! Driving slow feels really fast, the road is bumpy with a nice texture but easy drivable, the scenery is very diversified presenting lots of different backgrounds and the Ai works beautifully in Trackday with the newest CSP version (AI is always spawning around you). Great cruising track all round.

  15. Axier Pardos (verified owner)

    Best AC track! 72km of pure joy

  16. J J (verified owner)

    Just amazing, it’s my favorite track (also Peyregrosse rally track is great)!

    Only thing I struggle with is finding a setup for 911 Carrera RSR that will eliminate the shaking of the car in some sections (especially the second half of the second stage).

    • stgoadmin

      There is a fix for the shaking in AC Content Manager. Its called double precision physics or something like that.
      Please join our Discord and ask for it in the support area and we will show on screenshots how to enable the fix.

  17. rikkovandonk (verified owner)

    You have done great work, it is a blast to drive around in for instance the acl Lola t290! dont forget to fuel up though with bigger engine cars, I ran out of fuel in a 917/30, it burnt 30 liters in about 45 km…….
    One thing I noticed: I cannot race on this circuit, game crashes. don’t know if it’s supposed to work?

  18. martinwollenberg (verified owner)

    Beautiful map. Very challenging to drive at speed. Thank you.

  19. iretmen (verified owner)

    So… im agree! its a great track. There 67

  20. iretmen (verified owner)

    sorry. I´m agree, there are so much work behind. Its a spectacular track. The road is so fun and very dynamic. There are only a few details left to improve. Roads markings, the appearance of houses, the feeling of activity in the towns…no much else. Great great work. It´s a shame not to be able to enjoy it with traffic.

  21. zpeters809 (verified owner)

    winding roads of joy

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